Friday, 25 February 2011

W.E. A.R.E. F.A.M.I.L.Y

all of the people in the world have family.although that they are different,but i;m sure everyone is actually proud of their own family..i'm also proud with my family is simple.consist of my dad,mom,big sis,big bro and lil sis.we live in muar.since my childhood.both my parents is actually coming from muar.and we are proud to call that we are truly muarian!!haha..letters without picture is,let me introduce you all to my by one.PLEASE BE PATIENT OK..HEHE

 the one wearing the 'kopiah' is my lovely father.His name is yazid muhamad.he's now in his 63.yah,he might be old,but he is a really young man and the best man ever come in my life and in my heart..I HEART YOU,AYAH!!MUAHHH..

ok,now is my picture kissing my mom.her name is zainab mohamed.her age is 50++ right now..(how can i forgot my my mom's age??ARGHH!!).. as you can see,she is a very beautiful lady,caring and very loving.(fb,ibuzin mohamed).I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU,IBU..

the one wearing 'tudung' is my big sis.her name is siti nur syazanna.she is now in her 25.working as an engineer at TNB,PJ..tough work need tough woman right??haha.(fb=aza syazanna).LOVE YOU TOO,ALONG..

 next in the line is my first big bro.his name is mohd zaid akmal.still is 24.big age,but yet little mind.haha..(fb,zack akmal yazid)LUV U TOO LAH,AMAI..

 my next big bro is the one who look like a 'bonzer'..???hahaha,he is muhammad zaid hilmy.still studying in segamat.age??22..the one who is quite close to me.of course lah,he is like my bodyguard.huhu,(fb,amy mok)HEART YOU FOREVER,AMY..

ok,guess who is,you're right.haha,this is me.full name,siti nur marina.age,not yet 20.and i;m still wondering,am i will be 20??my physical is small for a 20 year old lady.haha,need multivitamin..(fb=iena marina)I'LL ALWAYS LOVE MYSELF,IENA..

 next is my lil sis,siti nur izzati..she is 15.still studying at smka maahad,muar..a very 'big' sis.haha,she is actually bigger than me..she is the one wearing all black in the picture.her favourite colour,she says..(no fb)..YAH,I LOVE YOU TOO,ATIE..

lastly,new added person in the family..she is our new family member, is 2 years old.we are very lucky to have her.bring so much joy to the family..(do not have fb)haha..'SAYANG' YOU SO MUCH,EBIE..

now you've seen all my family members..i would like to share it to you because,once you be my follower,you are one of my family too..right??so,how about you??i would also like to know your family members..can i??

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